Greg Gubser
Co-Owner of Surf Camp Pacifica, Certified Ocean Lifeguard, EMT-D certified, competitive surfer (long board style), 40 years of surfing experience, Junior Ocean Lifeguard Instructor, and United States Coast Guard 8 years. Greg is currently a Deputy Harbormaster for San Mateo County and is in charge of the 'Search and Rescue' program. Greg is a United States Lifeguard Association (USLA) Certified Ocean Rescue training instructor, and currently assists San Francisco Fire Department with their Ocean Rescue training and rescue program. He has also developed a school assembly emphasizing the importance of water safety and awareness, as well as the interconnected ecosystem of the ocean environment. Greg's role with surf camp is water safety and awareness, rescue training and overall safety officer.

Amy Gubser
Co-Owner of Surf Camp Pacifica, Certified Ocean lifeguard, RN (currently working at UCSF Children's Hospital), Junior Ocean Lifeguard Instructor, 18 years of surfing experience, Bachelors of Science: Kinesiology. Amy's in charge of program development, camp registration, and staff development.

Robert Pitt
Robert grew up surfing Pacifica where he developed his love and passion for the ocean while swimming competitively and lifeguarding for work.  He is a great outdoorsman and loves extending his appreciation for nature to all the students at Surf Camp Pacifica.  

Carlos Betancourt
Carlos learned to enjoy the ocean in Puerto Rico, where he lived until his late childhood. His family relocated to Pacifica and he has surfed here ever since. He has been an instructor since Surf Camp Pacifica started. He has been a special instructor who connects with surfers of all ages. He has been very instrumental in the development of our adult program of private lessons and small groups that include teaching surfing as well as learning of water awareness and safety for this specialized group.

Pat Faugherder "Maverick"
Pat grew up in Pacifica and learned to surf at Linda Mar Beach. He is a competitive 'Long Boarder' who posses a surf style that smooth and soulful. He has discovered 'surf camp' to be a passion to teach others about surfing. He is the Director of the kids programs that run on the beach. He takes pride in teaching others his long board style.

Todd Johnson
Todd is a 2nd generation pacifica surfer.  He grew up on the beach at Linda Mar. Todd started competing at the age of 10 and still currently competes in short board division in pro/am contests.  Todd also recently started competing in the long board division in the pro/am longboard series.  Todd started shaping boards for the sport of wakesurfing and has received amazing reviews of his boards.  He also is a world class competitor in wake surfing.  Todd is the skate camp instructor and has been doing this program and instruction for the past 5 years.  His skateboarding camp has been an amazing addition to extend the day for campers.  He can instruct all levels and abilities and is skilled at breaking down the maneuvers for kids to understand and execute.  Todd is one of our strongest instructor who works with the kids who are able to paddle outside the impact zone (our advanced groups).  He is able to move these kids forward to learn how to drive the board, surf down the line as well as connecting turns.

Alana Dangle
Alana was one of our first surf campers at the inception of surf camp.  She was a camper for 8 years, and graduated to senior instructor.  Alana in completing her Bachelors of Arts Degree from San Francisco State in Child Development and Art.  Alana is gifted with the younger surfers.  She is able to help them overcome their anticipation and channel it into confidence in the water.  She is able to get the younger kids to surf easily and they surf amazingly well.  Alana also has started an after care program called Adventure Camp.  2014, was the first year for Adventure Camp and both campers and families gave Alana rave reviews for her program.

Wyatt Griffith
Wyatt is a teacher who works with middle school and high school aged children.  He grew up surfing in Pacifica, and really enjoys seeing the kids accomplish the skill of surfing.  Wyatt brings a creative element of teaching to our program.  He connects with kids of all ages and wants to encourage them to engage in nature versus the technology our kids are over exposed to in daily life.  Wyatt has a passion for travel and has traveled all over Europe and South America, which allows him to bring a rich cultural perspective to our program. 

Brittany McMartin
Brittany had been a senior instructor with surf camp pacifica since 2005.  Brittany completed her degree in Early Childhood Education from Skyline College.  Brittany brings a strong committment of respecting the individual learning needs of each student. Brittany specializes in figuring out the best style of instruction for our students who need a little different approach.  She is creative, innovative and ingenious with some of the techniques she uses to connect and instruct the students.  Brittany is an accomplished surfer as well and has competed in long board events in Northern California. 

Colin Dwyer
Colin is our biggest competitor in surfing.  He is a "Titan of Mavericks."  His father was one of the original surfer who surfed this legendary local surf spot.  Colin has competed in the Mavericks surfing competition for the past 3 years.  Colin just completed his Bachelors of Arts Degree from San Francisco State in Psychology.  Teaching is in his blood, being that both of his parents are teachers, so working for surf camp pacifica has been a great way to perfect his teaching techniques with his surfers.  He is and excellent instructor and waterman.